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About Hello Monday Club

Hello Monday Club is the only network designed for senior HR and Business leaders seated at or around the table and who are responsible to lead their organisations towards the Future of Work.

Our members are rising and future-minded leaders making decisions today and influencing change tomorrow.

Leaders are being called upon to lead their organisation towards the Future of Work

We invite you to join our community of like-minded Future of Work leaders

If you are in a leadership position in this unique time, you are being called upon to guide your organisation towards new ways of working. The next decade will see many new challenges related to the way we work, and these new challenges ask for new solutions.

As leaders, you are faced with finding answers to complex issues that require new insights, learning, and ongoing personal and professional development. This development is both cutting edge and personal. It can’t always be found with a simple internet search.

Our community is looking for knowledge, inspiration, best practises and  peer-2-peer support to solve high-level business and organisational challenges with new ways of working.

We have built a support network that guides, supports, inspires, challenges and motivates business leaders from around the world to move towards the future of work.

This is for leaders who are ahead of the curve and want to see real change

You could see Hello Monday Club as an exclusive conference for high-level leaders aimed at enhancing their Future Of Work leadership roles. 

A conference where our members come to network, connect, learn from experts and about the latest industry developments.

From our experienced mentors and friendly peers, mastermind groups, events, powerful courses and progressive solutions, we'll arm you with the confidence and support to lead your company to a sustainable and employee-centric organisation.  

In the community, we connect 100 senior Business and HR leaders to learn and grow with each other, build a vision and get the tools you need to lead your organisation towards the Future of Work.

We are on a mission to support you in your journey to develop your role as a Future of Work leader to leave a legacy in your organisation and make a real impact in the world of work.

Amelia Craig, L&D Manager United Nations:

I gained a lot of insight in Hello Monday's Mini- Mastermind. It helped to talk to a group of HR leaders to discuss accelerated trends and how to make wise decisions within so much uncertainty.

Support and Encouragement in a Safe Space

We believe in enabling Leaders to drive fundamental change, we need a support network with people who believe in us, who encourage us, and who have our back. A community with peers who are not afraid to challenge and motivate us in our role as a Future of Work leader – and who give us a push forward out of our comfort zone when we need it.

Our goal is to make you more successful in your role as a Future of Work leader,  boost your career, to make a true impact and leave a legacy in your organisation.

Angelique Slob, Founder Hello Monday Club

We want this to be the place where you go if you have a challenge, a failure or a win. A place where you come to find advice, support and celebrations from like-minded people.

Quarterly Future of Work Leadership Cycles

Each quarter, the Hello Monday Club Community focuses on an important topic related to build more sustainable and employee centric organisations in our  Future of Work Leadership cycle.

We guide you through the topic in these four phases:





 After this you are empowered to lead the strategic discussion and drive actionable change towards progressive HR and People Strategies. 

We’ll challenge you to look beyond the horizon, develop sustainable strategies to reach your professional goals and motivate you to build your business case. We dive into revolutionary topics that are often underestimated, overlooked or ignored - but are critical to bring real change.

We host 4-6 events every quarter and we encourage our members to keep the conversation going in our private community platform. We will share relevant members only content that supports your journey and invite high-profile speakers to learn from. We also curate a members-only newsletter that helps you dive deeper into the topic, discover additional resources, and join conversations you might have missed.

About your Hosts

We are Angelique and Trevor and we are on a mission to build a community where Future of Work leaders find the support they need to lead their organisations towards new ways of working. Let us introduce ourselves:

Angelique Slob

Angelique Slob, (Netherlands) is a management consultant, Future of Work Strategist and the founder of Hello Monday Club.

Angelique is a former HR executive in multinationals and an Organisational Sociologist. With over 15 years of experience in this area, she is internationally acknowledged as being one of the pioneers in New Ways of Working.

Angelique's work is based on solid academic research, best practices and her strong belief that, in order to shape the Future of Work, it's critical to empower and enable HR and Business Leaders, employees and stakeholders, (but also the girl next-door) to become change-drivers. 

With her unique blend of story-telling, academic wisdom and HR strategy acumen, Angelique helps (HR) leaders to lead the strategic discussion and create positive change in their organisations and communities.

Trevor Hudson

Trevor Hudson (UK) is a Fellow of the RSA, a curious researcher into the Future of Work and an HR leader. He has occupied senior positions in tech, non-profit and start-up companies. He is a passionate defender of the need for wiser leadership and that the future of learning is personalised and about better thinking rather than more click-bait. He has been published in the British Psychological Society’s Assessment and Development Matters as well as the Journal of Leadership Studies. 

Trevor’s personal commitment to real learning and genuine curiosity for the future, combined with pragmatic scientific approach ensure that he can help leaders not only to think big but also make basic steps in transforming their organisation today. 

After decades of being involved in Progressive HR strategies, we are convinced that learning from and growing with like-minded leaders is the best way to drive true transformational action for companies to embrace new ways of working.

What to expect

Pro Membership

  • Private, dedicated online community platform so you can focus on content, learning & connecting without the distractions of social media
  • Global network of likeminded, selected senior leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries so you can take more informed action
  • Support - get support and direct feedback on your challenges from the brilliant minds in this community
  • Complimentary 1:1 orientation call with one of our hosts
  • Access to our content library, a growing resource library that gives you information that is aligned with your strategic challenges
  • Access to quarterly Future of Work Leadership cycle: Kick-off Session, Roundtable session, Feedback sessions, Strategy Session, and Debrief Session
  • Access to quarterly HR tech Solution Demo Day: stay on top of Industry Developments and learn about new solutions for your HR challenges
  • Bi-monthly networking event grab a beverage and join our monthly informal meetup to exchange and connect with peers.
  • Weekly members-only newsletter where share insights and hot conversations from the community

Why Join Our Community

Trevor Hudson, Founding Host at Hello Monday Club:

"I am excited to be building something that I would want to be part of myself"

Real community comes from contribution. This is more than a community, this is a movement and we connect people with the same mission. We create a safe place where we grow together and where we all come to offer our support. We are open to a balanced mix of very experienced  business leaders who can meet people at their level with similar challenges, but also bring people together from different functions or experience levels to learn from each other.

Meet like-minded peers from around the world

You'll meet Senior Leaders from large tech and professional companies that share your mission and also are looking for in-depth learning, trusted peer-2-peer support, and new insights that enable them to make a real impact in their organisations

In-depth Content and Learning

Experience exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else. There’s a lot of content out there (part of that we created ourselves!). In this community we want to take it a step further - by going more in-depth by offering learning events and exclusive interviews that you, as a leader, can actually use in your next executive meeting.

Lead the Strategic Discussion

This community is for like-minded people that have complex challenges and need to make decisions and have to get other people aboard on these. All in this ecosystem is aimed to make you better equipped as the Future of Work leader in your organisation. After joining us you can make better, more well-informed decisions in uncertain times - and get the support to drive change.

Shared values

The people you'll meet in this community are future-minded leaders, who share a desire to create a more sustainable future and employee centric organisations. We are all here to find and give support - in a safe and respectful environment.

Challenging questions

We are a community of people that have a critical role in solving complex business challenges in ever-changing environments, and in uncertain times. We offer the deep-dive, the inspiration and the thought provoking questions that will prepare you to make a difference.

Conversations that matter

We firmly believe that peer-2-peer support, mentoring and learning is the route to real transformational power, so we've created a safe space where we can have the honest conversation that truly helps you further.

Join other Future of Work Leaders

Feel the power of being connected with like-minded senior leaders of companies such as:

Find inspiring industry experts, likeminded peers, & mentors that will help you make lead your organisation towards the Future of Work

Join our next Future of Work Leadership Cycle - on us!

We are all about building relationships, peer-2-peer support and sustainable change.

Therefor we expect our members to commit for at least 12 months to work on their development as a Future of Work Leader and start to make real impact in their organisations.

To make this network is the right match for you, we give each new member  the opportunity to join us for the first three months on a trial base. This way you can experience the network and join one or our Future of Work Leadership cycles  - on us.

You will also get the opportunity to schedule a 1:1 orientation with one of our hosts, who will help you find what you’re looking for and choose how you’d like to engage with the community. They can also make introductions and recommend resources.

If you think this is for you, please click below for your free first quarter. We're super excited to meet you!

The Hello Monday Club Team

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